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How many times – did you think you knew the answer
And how many times – did the answer prove you wrong
But you´re doin` fine – as long as you find someone
To put the blame on

You say it´s fate – but I say that it´s unwritten
It´s never too late – to open up your eyes
When love conquers hate – you wanna be the first in line
You´d better get yourself a ticket in time

Does it really make a difference
If what I say is what I do or should I better keep the distance
between me and you
If you wanna know the truth just take off your shades
cause the closer you get – the more you´ll see
a different me – a different me

How many times – have I found myself mistaken
And how many times – have I tried to understand
I must have been blind – but know I´m ready to start over
and leave it all behind – but I´ll keep it on my mind

but it´s worth it
being such a fool
cause fools don´t have to be perfect, no

does it really make a difference…

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